Young men helping other young men

The Young Men's Project (YMP) is a Youth Focus Initiative which aims to reduce male youth suicide by asking young men to come up with ideas, programs or events to make it easier for their peer group to seek help, and shift the way young men think about mental health issues.


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What is the young men's project?

More young men take their own lives than die in road accidents, and unlike road deaths, this trend is not declining. Despite all kinds of care, research and campaigns, the ABS reports suicide amongst young people is on the rise.

1 in 4 young aussies currently have a mental health conditionMen are three times more likely to kill themselves then women

The YMP had to be different. Rather than create another message for young men, the project was designed to help young men help themselves.

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What is a YMP Workshop?

A YMP workshop is a day where young guys come together to discuss, create and prototype ways that young men can better understand mental health issues, and be open to talking about it.

Projects resulting from YMP workshops

Each workshop generates a unique project relevant to the community that designed it.

As the output of the Young Mens Project Workshop, the best creative ideas are put to use and made in to live projects.

Take a look through the best projects below.

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The Lighthouse Project

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