What are YMP Workshops?

YMP workshops are large-scale, co-creation sessions. Young men work in groups to

i) identify the things preventing themselves and their peers from talking about mental health,

ii) select an issue to tackle and

iii) create and prototype a creative solution to the problem.

At the end of the day each team presents their concepts and a panel of judges choose which idea will be made into reality.

Why hold a workshop?

Young men talking about mental health

The act of participating in a YMP workshop has already proven effective at getting young men to understand, learn about and talk about mental health issues. 

Starting more conversations

After participating in the workshops, guys told us they had gone back to their friends and started previously un-had conversations about mental health and the idea of looking out for each other.

Ideas relevant to their community

The output of a workshop is a co-created solution suited to the young men and their community. Whether it’s Perth uni students, a Geraldton football club or a high school in Albany, the ideas speak directly to the guys in these groups.

Set up your own workshop

A few simple steps and tips for setting up an official YMP Workshop.

Number One

Find a community

YMP workshops work best with an existing community of young men to participate, i.e. gathering the guys from a school, tertiary, sports or community organisation.

Number 2

Find a venue

YMP workshops require a big enclosed space so the participants have room to move, work in groups, go for breaks and present their ideas to the whole room.

Number Three

Find your staff

Each workshop needs a facilitator, a panel of judges, and – depending on numbers – a few extra helping hands. Download our workshop kit for all the info you need before the day and contact us if you need some assistance.

Projects resulting from YMP workshops

Each workshop generates a unique project relevant to the community that designed it.

As the output of the Young Mens Project Workshop, the best creative ideas are put to use and made in to live projects.

Take a look through the best projects below.

The Lighthouse Project

View Project

What our participants thought